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Bengals Granted 24-Hour Extension Against The Miami Dolphins

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The Bengals haven't sold out Sunday's home game against the Miami Dolphins just yet, watching the 72-hour deadline come and go in which the team needed to sellout for the game to be shown on television. Thanks to the NFL's gracious hearts and wonderful thoughtfulness of the legions of fans, the league granted the Bengals a 24-hour extension.

Said ticket manager Andrew Brown: “We have less than 2000 seats remaining and sales have been steady, but we can use a strong finish to the week.”

If the Bengals sellout by 1pm on Friday, the game will be shown locally, which will include a continuing streak of 56 straight sellouts. For most hard working Cincinnatians who simply can't afford to go to the game, though caring very little about any boycott, this is a good thing.