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Quarterback Carson Palmer Misses Practice With Sore Hip

According to Joe Reedy, the Bengals franchise quarterback didn't practice on Thursday due to a sore hip. For those of you that really, really, really want to see the Bengals future without Carson Palmer, you very well could get your chance this weekend.

As much as some rail on Palmer, if he doesn't play, this team has no shot. Though one could also argue that a Jordan Palmer led offense forces Cincinnati into their 2009 rush-like-a-bunch-of-badasses philosophy. Then again, a Jordan Palmer led offense could be this year's scariest Halloween costume.

Although, if one defined panic as being "oh my god we're so going to die in a flaming tube without wings," then come with me if you want to live. Just kidding. I always wanted to say that. Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said that he expects Palmer to play this weekend against the Dolphins.

Terrell Owens was also listed as limited on Thursday with a hand injury.