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Bengals Are 1-3 All-Time On Halloween

There are many variations as to the birth of Halloween. Some claim that Halloween was born from a Celtic festival of Samhain, which celebrates the coming cold season, or darker half of the year. Kevin Garnett, Ron Allen, Paul Pierce and Shaquille O'Neal, also called the ancient Celts, believed that the veil between this world and the afterlife thinned during Halloween, allowing spirits to come through. So naturally, to defend against these spirits, people wore thin Chris Sabo plastic masks to ward off spirits. If only the Freeling family put on a few costumes they wouldn't have needed this!

I told you. This should be the only costume we need.

Still, people just get plain goofy on Halloween, if not down right insane. An old English custom had young girls eating an apple in front of a mirror hoping to see her future husband. In Scotland, during a time when people were down right insane, women hung a wet shirt sleeve in front of a fireplace hoping that her future husband comes down the chimney. And a couple could tell the future by picking a head of cabbage while blindfolded, to see what it looked like in the light. In a small town in Northern Ireland called Ulster, people believed that fairies were fallen angels and to protect their children, parents would place oatmeal and salt on their heads.

Yet, with all of the crazy ambitions of the insane, one fact remains. The Bengals have never played good football on Halloween. At first I was thinking that two pieces of information that would lead to a Bengals win this Sunday was "weird crap happening on All Hallow's Eve" and the simple fact that the Bengals sport the colors of Orange and Black, the same traditional Halloween colors.

Date Opponent Result Score
October 31, 2004 @ Tennessee Titans L 20-27
October 31, 1999 Jacksonville Jaguars L 10-41
October 31, 1976 Cleveland Browns W 21-6
October 31, 1971 @ Houston Oilers L 6-10