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Early Infirmary Report: Roy Williams Suffered "some kind of MCL injury in his knee"

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One thing you have to give Cleveland credit for Sunday is that they beat us at our own game in 2009. Run the football as much as you can, but support it with a serviceable passing offense. Cincinnati's rushing offense ran for a combined 364 yards in both games last year, beating Cleveland with a dominating running attack that nearly averaged 37 minutes in both games.

With the fury of Peyton Hills' runs, the Browns sort of hurt some of our guys, which they've done in the past (read: Braham, Rich and Pollack, David, 2006).

Johnathan Joseph suffered, what he believes is, a bad bruise on his arm in the second quarter. Roy Williams suffered "some kind of MCL injury in his knee" but as Geoff Hobson points out, "is not a season-ending problem." Jordan Shipley suffered a concussion in the fourth quarter. T.J. Ward's hit on Shipley forced an incomplete third down pass while the Bengals were still losing by ten points. Because the hit was a cheap shot personal foul, the Bengals were given a new set of downs and scored a touchdown on the following play. Talk about taking one for the team. Players didn't like the hit.

“It’s a cheap shot and a shot that shouldn't happen,” said Palmer. “When you see a guy laying on the ground like that it makes you realize how violent this game can be. But he’s a tough kid and didn’t make any excuses for it and he’ll want to play next week. I hope he doesn’t because of the situation but that’s the type of guy he is and you love his attitude and love the way he approaches the game.”

Williams, Joseph and Shipley never returned to the game after suffering their initial injuries. More should be known during Marvin Lewis' press conference today at 3pm and throughout the week.