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Bengals Are "Ways Off In Trying To Reach A Sellout" Against Tampa Bay

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The Cincinnati Reds will play their first playoff game this Wednesday for the first time since 15 years, playing in Philadelphia. They'll take Thursday off, play Friday and then use Saturday as a travel day. That means that the Cincinnati Reds will play their first home game in the NLDS on a Sunday, without an actual time determined yet.

That's the same day that the Cincinnati Bengals will trying to wipe off that awful taste after losing to Cleveland, hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

And that could be a problem.

With fans disappointed in Cincinnati's showing against the Browns, with the Reds in town playing Game Three of the NLDS, there stands a pretty good chance that the Bengals may not sellout this weekend.

According to the Enquirer's Joe Reedy, the Bengals "are ways off in trying to reach a sellout". If the Bengals do not sellout by Thursday afternoon, provided there's no extension, this weekend's game will be blacked out locally.