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Mike Zimmer: Rey Maualuga Needs To Be A Little More Team Oriented

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Through eight games this year, Dhani Jones is doing exactly what he's done since arriving in Cincinnati in 2007. Tackle a lot of people. With 78 total tackles, Jones leads the team while Rey Maualuga's 45 tackles ranks third on the team. And 13 of those tackles came against the Miami Dolphins at the end of October, breaking a personal high 11 tackles against the Minnesota Vikings in 2009. But many are through with Jones, demanding Maualuga be moved to inside linebacker. When asked about moving Maualuga to the inside, Mike Zimmer responded about Maualuga:

“Well, Rey could’ve played better last week, a lot better,” Zimmer responded, without mentioning the play of Jones. “I don’t fight anything. If we felt like it was the best thing right now we would do it. We’ve lost five straight. We don’t owe anybody anything right now.”

“He plays hard but sometimes he runs around like a chicken with his head cut off,” said Zimmer. “He’s supposed to be here and he’s over there and he’s supposed to be here. He’s got to be a little more team oriented.”

Maualuga has two career quarterback sacks and no interceptions. Maualuga, Keith Rivers and Roddrick Muckelroy are the team's only linebackers signed beyond this season.