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2nd Half Open Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (10) at Indianapolis Colts (20)

Oops! The Bengals pulled a Bengals and made the same exact mistakes they did against Pittsburgh last week. Bad turnoves dug the Bengals a grave they will have a hard time getting out of. This game is so similar to last week's, I have nothing unique to say about it. I won't be surpised if the Bengals lose 27-24 or something, throwing incomplete at the 5 yard line to end the game.

This really isn't a football team that's as bad as its 2-7 record. Don't get me wrong - there are problems. There are penalties and missed assignments and mistakes a plenty, but they do a lot of things well and are playing at or above the level of the competition (Steelers, Colts) when they're not giving the ball away on their own 20 yard line. But since the Bengals hae a propensity to make these sorts of turnovers, they're 2-7.