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Reedy: Nugent Has ACL Tear And MCL Sprain

Late on Sunday it was reported that Mike Nugent's knee injury, suffered on the onside kick with just over two minutes left in the game against the Colts, was very serious. Geoff Hobson reported that the injury was feared to be an ACL and MCL injury and that he was feared to be lost for the season.

Now you can basically bank on it.

According to Joe Reedy's latest tweet, Nugent "has a tear to his right ACL and a sprain to his MCL." No word yet if Nugent will go on IR, but it's basically a foregone conclusion at this point.

While Nugent has a powerful leg connecting two 50-plus yard field goals, he also only converted 78.9% of his field goal tries; worse than Shayne Graham's worst season when he converted 82.1% of his field goal tries in 2009. The Bengals will likely hold tryouts this week for a replacement kicker, considering that last week Dave Rayner signed with the Lions and Graham signed with the Patriots.

[UPDATE: He's now officially out for the year, in case you held onto hope that he could kick with an ACL tear]