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Quarterback Matchup In Game No One Will See: Carson Palmer Vs. Ryan Fitzpatrick

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When Carson Palmer went down with an elbow injury in 2008, it was Ryan Fitzpatrick that stepped up. Well, maybe more accurately put, it was Ryan Fitzpatrick that stumbled in and ran for his frackin' life every time he dropped back. Starting 12 games in 2008, the Bengals under his leadership would eventually win the final three games on the season, which ironically became sort of a motivator for the team's philosophical offensive shift to a run-first mentality.

During the season, Fitzpatrick completed 59.4% of his passes, recording eight touchdowns and nine interceptions. Most memorable was Cincinnati's 14-0 win over the Cleveland Browns where he only attempted nine passes on the afternoon. Yet, if irony wasn't enough of a comedian, the 110.9 passer rating he recorded that day would be a season best.

Fitzpatrick would go on to sign with the Buffalo Bills, starting eight games in 2009 going 4-4.

Both quarterbacks will face off against each other in the game between two squads with a combined 3-15 record -- or alternatively called The Game That No One Will Watch.

So how have the two quarterbacks performed since 2008? Carson Palmer would go to make the Pro Bowl roster if he hadn't declined due to injury. Palmer has only won 12 of the 25 games he's started since the start of the 2009 season. Fitzpatrick has won five of 15 career starts with the Bills.

Since the start of the 2009 season.
Carson Palmer 503 826 60.9% 5,489 37 24 83.3
Ryan Fitzpatrick 275 478 57.5% 3,067 23 17 78.9