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Bengals Search for a New Kicker

After a relationship ends, one of two things happen: either you remember everything about that person that annoyed you and you're relieved that the relationship has ended or enough time has passed that you slowly forgot the bad things and began to completely idolize the person that once gave you nothing but good reasons to end your relationship with them. It's funny how the mind works in that way.

It's very possible that the Bengals and even fans feel one of those two ways about Shayne Graham, especially now that we see his Facebook relationship status has changed to "in a relationship with New England Patriots" and our status is "Single". Do the Bengals remember the kicker who was less than stellar in clutch situations and could be blamed for a handful of losses or do they remember the most accurate kicker in Bengal history. Who do you remember? If Graham were available, do you think the Bengals would ask him to come back. Maybe they would stand outside of his window in a trench coat, holding a boom box above their heads that's blasting "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel.Or maybe the Bengals would just move on to another kicker.

There is probably a handful of kickers that the Bengals could probably sign for a fairly low price or they could let Chad Ochocinco call himself Esteban a few times a game to save some money but possibly look more foolish. One of the most intriguing possible Bengal-kicker love affairs, though, could come from the Steel City.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are contemplating cutting kicker Jeff Reed, who missed his seventh field goal of the season in Pittsburgh's 39-26 loss to New England on Sunday night, and will bring in kickers for workouts on Tuesday, league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Who knows what the Bengals are going to do when it comes to replacing Mike Nugent. If Reed is cut from the Steelers, would the Bengals make a play for him or would they go for a kicker who is a little lighter on the pocketbook due to the fact that they're really no longer in play off contention? I believe Morton Anderson may be available.