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No Longer Suspended: Antwan Odom Returns With A One-Week Roster Exemption

Antwan Odom, one of the most recent examples of a free agent bust before Antonio Bryant completely took that title and ran limped gingerly with it, injured his knee against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and emerged from the lockerroom the following Wednesday with a brace. Projections at the time were that he'd be out a couple of weeks, but nothing was absolutely certain.

Then a few days later the NFL suspended Odom four games on an issue that surfaced earlier in the year where Odom tested positive for a banned substance that would later be confirmed as his wife's prescription weight loss medication that he took by mistake. The suspension meant he would miss games against the Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts.

Now Odom's suspension is over and the Bengals were granted a one-week exemption to allow Odom on the roster without counting against the 53-man roster until next week unless he plays this weekend against the Buffalo Bills. However, the Bengals may not need it. According to Joe Reedy, the Bengals roster stands at 51 players. Figure one will go to a newly signed place kicker with the other, most likely, going to Odom.