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Chad Ochocinco Ties The Knot With 10-Carat Ring

This is actually not football nor Bengals related, so if you don't like posts about our players doing non-football or non-Bengals related things, just skip on to the next post where Terrell Owens does non-football or non-Bengals related things.

We've known Chad Ochocinco for over nine years now since joining the Bengals as an energetic 23-year old that came onto the scene and, well, actually was entertaining enough not to make cheering for the Bengals a completely miserable hobby.

We've been through a lot, Chad, you, me. We've argued, complained, celebrated as we've watch Chad blossom from a Johnson to an Ochocinco. Sometimes he reverts back to a Johnson, but he generally returns to Ochocinco.

So it gives me great happiness to see our boy finally tie the knot with his girlfriend, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada, sealing the deal with a 10-carat diamond ring. This is bigger and better than the "I really need to apologize to my wife" Kobe Bryant eight-carat ring special. Ata boy Chad.

Now that he's going home to this...

He can do more of this...