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Who Powered Through: Chad Ochocinco

With 5:06 left in the third quarter against the Indianapolis Colts, Chad Ochocinco lined up wide left. With the secondary playing a good ten yards off Ochocinco, who burnt the secondary on the previous play -- when we say burnt, we mean he beat the secondary by four steps -- which fell incomplete due to a poorly thrown Carson Palmer pass, Chad and Carson did their Jedi power thing that we haven't seen much of this year.

Chad sprinted off the line and pulled up immediately on a five-yard hitch route, hauling in Palmer's quick pass. After that, Chad shimmied a few missed tackles before finally being brought down at Indianapolis' 49-yard line for a 25-yard gain. The tackle, however, seemed costly with Jacob Lacey and Robert Mathis landing on top of Chad, causing a painful shoulder separation. Did Chad leave the game? Momentarily. The drive stalled, especially after Eric Foster's quarterback sack on third down, none of which Chad was on the field for.

After having his shoulder popped back into place, Chad returned to the field without missing a Bengals possession and caught two more passes for 26 yards receiving. He had a third reception for 16 yards, but was overturned on Jim Caldwell's challenge.

Ochocinco gets this installment of the Who Powered Through Series for returning to the game after suffering a shoulder separation late in the third quarter.