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Bengals Fans Have Opportunity To See Blacked Out Game on NFL Game Rewind

With the Bengals unable to sell out a home game between two clubs with a combined 3-15 record because Cincinnati Bengals fans feel generally impoverished from good football, Sunday's game will not be shown live on CBS for fans living within a 75-mile radius of Paul Brown Stadium. We're not exactly sure who would be in charge of such things, but we don't get why CBS wouldn't substitute another game after the local game was blacked out. It's like after the NFL punishes the city by blacking out the game locally, CBS follows up with their own firmly planted kick to the scrotum.

If you are in Cincinnati, then Fox will show the Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings for their single game of the week and the late afternoon game during CBS' doubleheader will feature the Indianapolis Colts at the New England Patriots.

Local fans will still get an opportunity watch the Bengals game in its entirety. For those within the blacked out area, will offer free access for NFL Game Rewind, allowing people to watch Sunday's blacked out game for free for a 72-hour period from Sunday night at midnight (or Monday morning if you're super-fickle about such things) until midnight on Wednesday night (or Thursday morning if you're super-fickle about such things). This will only apply to people inside the 75-mile radius that are unable to see the game live on television.