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Nike's Proposed NFL Uniforms In 2012 Isn't Nike's Proposed NFL Uniforms

When Chris contacted me on Thursday to show me Nike's proposed changes with the team's uniform in 2012 that leaked out on the internet, when Reebok is replaced by Nike as the NFL uniform provider, my reaction was two fold. One, I threw up. Two, I threw up again. If you haven't seen them yet, here's the Bengals.

The truth is, it's all crap. While the uniform actually does look cool, in some Batman cartoon where the Bengals visit Gotham during the Super Bowl, the drawings of the Bengals uniform, as well as the 31 other NFL teams that were "proposed" were simply nothing more than art created by a fan, using Nike's Pro Combat uniform series in college football. The original thread of a friend drawing the uniforms is found here.

Now if the Bengals would do a couple throw back uniforms from the early 1970s, that would be awesome.