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NFL Poll: Prilosec Victory Of The Week Story

This post is sponsored by Prilosec.

This week's Prilosec Victory of the Week nominations actually do not involve the Cincinnati Bengals, making one conclude that beating the Bengals is no longer that big of a deal. Now that's a heart-breaking reality, isn't it?

But as Bengals fans, we can stick it to a division foe.

New Orleans' win over the Pittsburgh Steelers actually brings the division closer and one with an optimistic wool cap may actually think that Cincinnati's playoff hopes are still alive, although very, very, very unlikely. The Green Bay Packers defense shuts out the New York Jets and the Chargers scored 19 points in the second half to beat the Tennessee Titans.

Our six nominations are out there. Now it's your turn to pick the Prilosec Victory Of The Week.