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Question Of The Day: Will The Bengals Win Another Game In 2010?

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With a 28-7 lead and 10:10 left in the second quarter -- a 31-14 lead at halftime -- it seemed very likely that the Cincinnati Bengals would win their third game of the year on Sunday; a win that's eluded them for 58 days, dating back to their last victorious celebration against the Carolina Panthers on September 26, 2010. Little did we know complaining about Carson Palmer's performance that day, 19 completions for 195 yards a touchdown and two picks, that it would get much worse. Like team loses the next seven games worse.

Yet all signs pointed to the team winning their third game of the season against the Buffalo Bills. Instead, the team performed so poorly in the second half, that they valiantly recorded a couple of firsts. It was the first time that the Bengals allowed 35 unanswered points (or more) in a half. It was the first time in NFL history that a "team has trailed by 17 or more at halftime and come back to win by 18 or more."

Being dominated by the Bills in the second half brings up the next question. Will the Bengals win again in 2010?

Cincinnati plays in New York on Thanksgiving night against the Jets. The Bengals host the Saints before heading out to Pittsburgh on week 14. Cincinnati returns home to host the Browns and Chargers before finishing the season in Baltimore.

Will the Bengals win again in 2010?