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Sprint Game Ball Of The Week

Having to pick a Bengals player for this week's Sprint Game Ball would be like giving BP the award for being the most environmentally friendly company in the world. Sure you could give it to them, but then you have to explain your reason to the world while black oil pours out into the ocean. Except in our case, replace oil with other smelly black/brown substance and replace ocean with Cincinnati. And replace BP with the Cincinnati Bengals. Consider that the Bengals lost by 18 points, after securing a 21-point lead early in the second quarter and ended up giving 49 points to the Buffalo Bills, who averaged a 29th best 18.2 points/game coming into Sunday's game.

We could easily go with Cedric Benson, who recorded 124 yards rushing on 25 carries and a touchdown in the second quarter to give Cincinnati a 21-7 lead. However, an early third quarter fumble that was returned by Drayton Florence 27 yards for a touchdown, tends to put a damper on such things.

That's why this week, we're going with the team's best cornerback. Before reaggrevating his high ankle sprain on Sunday, Johnathan Joseph single-handedly gave the Bengals enough momentum to put 31 points on the board.

With 13:23 left in the second quarter, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw to his right on a quick drop. Lee Evans sprinted up field for ten yards and broke out. Joseph remained in Evans' hip and cut the receiver off just as the pass arrived, picking off the first interception of the game. The Bengals would go on to score a touchdown on the turnover, thanks to four rushes by Cedric Benson that gained 29 yards rushing, capped with a one-yard touchdown run.

With 10:17 left in the second quarter, Ryan Fitzpatrick lined up in shotgun with seven yards to go on third down. Joseph jumped Steve Johnson's route and returned the interception for a touchdown.

The Bengals scored 24 points in the second quarter Sunday against the Bills. You can credit Joseph with 14 of those points and a ton of momentum. He reportedly reaggrevated his ankle injury on the touchdown return and didn't return.