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NFL Poll: Prilosec Victory of the Week

This week's nominations for the Prilosec Victory of the Week includes the Redskins over the Titans, the Patriots over the Colts, the Eagles over the Giants, the Steelers over the Raiders and the Bears over the Dolphins.

Each win has its own unique brand. The Redskins, losing by 31 points to the Eagles in week 10, beat the Titans with a field goal in overtime. The Patriots inch that much closer towards securing home field advantage, provided they win the division. The Bears completely shutout the Dolphins and the Steelers redeemed themselves after a 13-point loss to the Patriots with a dominating 35-3 performance over the Oakland Raiders.

There is the final nomination I'm leaving out. The Bills 49-31 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Do you really need me to tell you why they are nominated, or even why the Bills win will probably win the Prilosec Victory of the Week?