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Terrell Owens Calls Ben Roethlisberger "Soft" On Tonight's T.Ocho Show On Versus

In a sneak preview for tonight's T.Ocho Show on Versus, Chad and Terrell Owens reflect on the fine and hit that Ben Roethlisberger took from Raiders' defensive end Richard Seymour. Here's a preview for tonight's show (with the transcribed version below).

Here's the segment transcribed.

Chad Ochocinco: That was messed up.
Terrell Owens: Yea, I liked it.
Chad: He got fined 25 grand for that.
Owens: He probably didn't even care either. He'd probably do it again for another 25.
Chad: I think the fine is sufficient. Maybe a little too much.
Owens: There is a protocol they have to go by.
Chad: Can't be swinging at people while on the field.
Owens: I mean, they do it in hockey. A hockey player would have took that and kept on ticking. Just shows you how soft Ben is.

Other segments tonight.