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Bengals/Jets To Replayed On NFL Network Without Announcers On Saturday

Thanksgiving is a great time of year, eating food, catching up with family and old friends. Some of us will make our way home, after the pleasant company of curiously inappropriate TSA workers giving us surprise physicals to make sure we're in good health. And some of you, I'm sure, will be heading back to Cincinnati to enjoy the taste of home again, possibly even getting the old gang that you used to wreck havoc in town back together.

All the while, the Cincinnati Bengals will play the New York Jets just as the nation unstraps their belts with the annual turkey holocaust finishing up.

Whether you miss the game, or want to see it again, rest assure that Thursday's game will also be shown in a replay on Saturday on the NFL Network. Except this time around, it will be without announcers.

"We've got 15 players and coaches miked during the game, including both coaches and all the coordinators and quarterbacks and middle linebackers," NFL Films president Steve Sabol said. "We'll have 60 people shooting the game, which is more than we use for a Super Bowl, and then we'll turn it around in 48 hours and show it to you through the eyes of the players. It’s something you won’t see anywhere else."

Hopefully your vacation is to a house that actually has the NFL Network. Because whether the Bengals win or lose, this will be a very cool way to watch a football game. That is after explaining to your children, after witnessing airport security, that it's nothing new. Government has been inappropriately touching everyone for years.

(h/t Brad)