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Second Half Open Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (7) at New York Jets (3)

Carson Palmer has thrown two interceptions and 3/4 of the starting secondary is missing and the Jets out-gained the Bengals 178 yards to 129 yards. The Bengals have been outplayed in every phase of the game besides points and penalties. But points are cool, let's win that category.

Chad Ochocinco was robbed of a touchdown on a beautiful catch in the first half - the second beautiful catch that hasn't been statistically a catch for Chad in recent memory. He's played better than his stats this year, I think, on average. He's not been consistently great and he's not the Chad that led the AFC in receiving yards for three straight years, but he's made some great catches and has quietly shown some heart lately.

Revis has been okay. He hasn't done anything spectacular. Neither has T.O. The defense has been good enough, but looks prone to being torn open. Hopefully that doesn't happen. Go Bengals! Win points!