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La Canfora: Marvin Lewis "Very, Very Unlikely" To Return; Carson Palmer Could Be Gone After This Season

In an interview on NFL Total Access, NFL Network's Insider Jason La Canfora suspects that the end of the era in Cincinnati is quickly arriving. Along with saying the painfully obvious that Marvin Lewis is "very, very unlikely" to return next season, La Canfora believes that Carson Palmer could also be released if the Bengals draft a quarterback with a new regime change in Cincinnati.

Could be the end of an era there. Coach Marvin Lewis, very, very unlikely he's back in 2011. Quarterback Carson Palmer could be gone as well, if there's a regime change and they draft a quarterback. Ochocinco, T.O., Cedric Benson also among those that could be entering the final month with the team.

Even if there is a regime change, the fact remains that the regime will be headed by the same egomaniacal front office that stubbornly refuses to upgrade (read, actually build) their scouting department that's answerable to a new front office executive that judges and signs talent without the overbearing backseat driving from the Brown family.

While I'd hate to see any of those players go (I believe Carson Palmer is the least likely to leave), the fact is that Cincinnati needs fresh blood at any number of places within the organization. The culture of losing has returned and that culture quickly turns into a disease that's only cured when the team starts from scratch and those players are given the chance to start over elsewhere.

Yet, like a never-ending headache, the Bengals front office making that many changes in one season can be painfully disastrous, much like transitioning out of the Sam Wyche era in the early 90s.

In other news, my 2011 team credentials have been denied.