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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Vacation Days Are Great, Cincinnati's TV Schedule Isn't

While the Bengals aren't officially and mathematically eliminated from the playoffs just yet, sporting the AFC's worst record, the Bengals are out of the playoffs. So while the Bengals are loads of fun to watch on Sundays, it's not completely unheard of (nor is it a reflection of who you are as a Bengals fan) to have another team to root for with a somewhat better shot to make the playoffs. The Bengals will always be your number one. But there might be a number two? Who is it?

I grew up in Minnesota before arriving in Cincinnati about 22 years ago. While I no longer make it a point to watch Vikings games, I still keep up with them with far less obsession than I do with the Bengals. Yet, I do watch them when they're on and the Bengals are taking Sunday off and I follow up with their games later on Sunday. And thank the maker, the Vikings have a better record than the Bengals; they're 3-7 and not 2-9.

Now that the Bengals are off this Sunday, having already played their game this week on Thanksgiving night, I wonder what matchups we'll see on television. This weekend won't be conflicted with another painful Bengals loss, examining the issues and wondering when will it ever get better. No, this weekend is about relaxation for me, enjoying a much needed vacation day. CBS has a weak slate with the Jacksonville Jaguars heading to New York for a meeting against the Jets as their best game this week. It's such a weak slate that Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are taking the weekend off. Fox's schedule is better, with Green Bay at Atlanta being the best early game and the Eagles in Chicago for the late game.

Unfortunately for the Queen City, we'll only get one of those games, thanks to our division. Here's Cincinnati television schedule.

CBS (only one game): Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills
Fox (early afternoon): Carolina Panthers at Cleveland Browns
Fox (late afternoon): Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears