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Lance McAlister: Highlights Of Bengals/Jets NFL Network Replay

Unfortunately, I'm one of the poor saps that's unable to get the NFL Network right now. We're working on it, but it is what it is. So I wasn't able to see the NFL Netowrk's replay of the Bengals/Jets game with the players and coaches mic'ed. But thankfully, we have hard working radio sports talk hosts in our area. Lance McAlister provided highlights from Saturday's NFL action.

*Carson: "We've got to get out of the huddle faster" T.O. is the last one to the huddle. Brat: "God...we've got to get out of the huddle faster"

*Brat: "Chad....would you just get lined up so we can run the play?"

*Carson passes up top to Chad..they can't connect.....Marvin: "Run Chad! damn it!"......Brat (pounding his fist): "Run Chad, don't push, just run, God oh mighty!"

*Chad talks on sideline about what they should try. Marvin to Chad: "You've got to run....get to your spot...make your adjustment"

*Carson to Chad walking off: "Run, keep working. I expect you to be perfect on every play...because you can be that good. I don't want to hear anything else"

*Marvin to Chad: "If you keep are wide open on that. I swear to you". Chad walks to bench...tells teammates, "He said I didn't run. I can't win for losing"

*Carson deep ball, floats, picked......Chad to CP: "Did you get pressure?".....CP: "No, I just didn't throw all of it"

*Jordan Shipley was complaining there was pass interference on deep ball. Ryan to Shipley: "Hey, quit your ******ing".........Marvin to Shipley: "You were both looking back. If you are both looking back it's incidental contact"

*Carson picked throwing into triple coverage in endzone.......Brat: "Ahhh, he got greedy, don't get greedy Carson!"

*Marvin to Brat after INT...."What was the play?"....Brat: "It was get Jermaine on a sail. He ran right into the LB instead of avoiding him. If he avoids him he's wide open."

*Rex at half: "We had 6 *&% penalties, they have 1!...we're gonna kick their g-damn a-- anyway...let's go!"

*T.O. suggests to Jordan (on bench) they should throw deep ball...... Jordan: "We don't' have time (protection)

*Marvin yells prior to Brad Smith reverse for TD: "Reverse! reverse!, reverse!" As play ends Marvin says, "What happened to the LB?".......(Maualuga got cut on the play)

*Pettrey misses 27-yarder.......T.O. to Chad: "That was a chip shot. We might as well go for it if we're going to do that"

*Rey Maualuga interception. Carlos Dunlap walks to sideline. Marvin to Dunlap: "Why are you upset? You should be happy. We got the ball. This is not a selfish sport."

*Late first half. Brat to Marvin: "You wanna go 1-minute? Marvin: "However you want to play it. Whatever you feel more comfortable with"

*Brat on punt deflection: "Get on it Bubba! (Caldwell)"

*Marvin on punt: "Look at it upstairs. Did it hit him or not? Brat, did it hit him?"..... Brat: "'s their ball"

*Marvin on Smith kick return for TD: "You've got to be ----- kidding me...oh my God"

*Santonio Holmes to Brian Schottenhiemer (Jets off-co): "They are playing scared in the secondary...they don't want to let us behind them". The Jets then went underneath and down the middle with success and got in field goal position (missed).

*Holmes to teammates after TD catch in front of Wade: "He (Wade) didn't know where he was. He was backing up at the goal line. I knew I had him. I looked straight at Mark and knew it was coming"

*Marvin on OL, prior to safety: "We are just horse sh-- at blocking people....we are half a--"

*Trevor Pryce on sack/safety: "I saw the clock (play clock about to hit zero). I knew he (Carson) had to tap and go. As soon as he tapped...I went".

*Rex to Chad and T.O. after game: "Hey, I like your guys show"

*Marvin: "I'm proud of how you fought. I'm disappointed I can't get us to fix some of the errors were making. I'm disappointed in myself that I can't get us through that hump. You fight your a-- off for each other"