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NFL Poll: Prilosec Victory Of The Week

This weekend showcased several NFL games with unexpected, though not entirely surprising, outcomes. For instance, did anyone believe that the Bears would beat the Eagles, even taking a 31-13 lead into the fourth quarter, with an impressive four touchdown performance by Jay Cutler? The Bears are a good team -- you don't go 8-3 otherwise -- but the Eagles were the hot NFC team not in the NFC South.

The Chargers tend to have the Colts' number. But still, four interceptions against Peyton Manning, two of which that were returned for touchdowns?

And Sam Bradford's first career 300-yard game against the Denver Broncos led to a 36-33 win with three touchdowns coming off Bradford's arm in the first half.

This was another entertaining week in the NFL with close games and unexpected out comes. Which win is your Prilosec Victory of the Week?