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Daily Banter: Could Bengals Sign New Place Kicker Tuesday?

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We haven't really had a Daily Banter all season, and since today's the team's off day, let's go through some things.

+ COULD THERE BE A NEW KICKER? You can assume that the team might be working out place kickers on Tuesday, with two possibilities being Jeff Reed and Kris Brown. The Bengals reached out to Reed after the Steelers released him about two weeks ago and Geoff Hobson conjectured that the Bengals could ask about Kris Brown. This comes on the heels of two missed field goals in four opportunities, including a 27-yard chip shot that would have tied the game against the New York Jets late in the third quarter.

None of this means that either will be signed. Aaron Pettrey very well could resume his kicking duties against the New Orleans Saints this weekend -- it's not like anyone is going to watch it anyway. At the same time, don't be surprised if the Bengals sign a new kick (Reed, Brown or someone else), before this weekend's game.

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+ PFF ANALYSIS ON BENGALS LOSS. I've always liked Pro Football Focus. Much like Football Outsiders, they take a detailed analysis of games and players, accounting the role of players with more than just raw statistics. Sam Monson examines the Bengals loss to the New York Jets.

We’ll start with the good news from the Bengals’ performance, because there isn’t much of it. Once again, left tackle Andrew Whitworth (+3.5)had a fine game, keeping Palmer completely clean in pass protection and making a couple of plays blocking out in front of screen plays. Whitworth really is an extremely solid player, and is clearly the Bengals’ best lineman in 2010...

With the Bengals starting to get some productivity out of DE Carlos Dunlap (+0.8), it’s difficult to see the argument for persisting in starting Robert Geathers (-3.1). Geathers has never been a pass-rushing demon, and he generated not a single pressure on his 26 rushes in this game, but he has started to fade badly against the run. He couldn’t set the edge during this game, being folded into the line by tight ends as well as Damien Woody.