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Bengals Sign Place Kicker Clint Stitser And Waive Aaron Pettrey

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According to Joe Reedy (and Geoff Hobson), the Bengals signed Clint Stitser, a former place kicker with the New York Jets competing with Nike Folk. However, he was released in late May, just over a month after signing the kicker because he was struggling in practice. At the time, Jets head coach Rex Ryan said:

"That young man [Stitser], I don’t think he’s ready right now," Jets coach Rex Ryan told reporters. "Will he be ready in the future? Maybe so, but right now I don’t think he’s ready. We’ll probably move on."

Stitser would go on to kick for Seattle in a game, converting three extra points and a 35-yard field goal. Stitser is a former place kicker for Fresno State, converting 71% of his kicks from 2003 through 2007. He was out of football from 2008 and 2009. Awesome. Stitser has yet to make a kick in the NFL. Even more awesome.

The Bengals released Aaron Pettrey to make room. Pettrey, after only two games in the NFL, missed half of his field goal attempts, including a 27-yard chip shot that likely sealed his doom.

Basically, the Bengals dumped a guy with four career field goal attempts with a guy that hasn't made a field goal attempt during a regular season game and hasn't been actively kicking since, really, leaving college in 2007. Awesomer.

The Bengals have expressed interest in Jeff Reed and some conjectured that the team could inquire about veteran place kicker Kris Brown. Instead, the Bengals signed their second straight place kicker with zero NFL experience.