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Chad Ochocinco: Greatest Hot Dog Player Of Our Generation

If you define a player with the characteristics of being a hot dog player, a loud, boisterous, sometimes show-off player, then how can one not put Chad Ochocinco on the top of that list? We're talking about a guy that changed his own last name from the fairly common Johnson, to the slightly less common Ochocinco, putting a velcro version of his new name on the back of his jersey only to see the mild tempered Carson Palmer yanked it off his back. Actually, that might the most passionate we've seen Palmer during his eight-year stay.

Chad has always been an outspoken, boisterous player, ranging from the just-for-fun jabbing of opponents to the reported headlock of Hue Jackson, preventing Jackson from tagging in his partner, Marvin "Its A Good Thing" Lewis during the team's half-time wrestling match during the 2005 Wild Card game. Along with having fairly great talents that made him one of the league's best receivers, Chad's personality, while irking many, has even pushed the hot dog limits.

In 2004, Chad Ochocinco sent the Cleveland Browns secondary a gift package of Pepto-Bismol. "I thought that would be a good idea, since I'm working with Pepto, to send these guys some Pepto because I'm going to make them sick," Chad said at the time, just before his legendary three-reception, 37-yard performance that lead to a 17-point loss. In 2003, after scoring a 10-yard touchdown to cap an 11-play drive, Chad Ochocinco held up a sign begging the NFL not to fine him during the Bengals 41-38 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Last year, Chad sported a sombrero after a touchdown reception.

Chad raced a friggin horse.

Chad sported a golden mohawk.

Chad's marriage proposal.

Chad naming himself Ochocinco, offering to pay Houshmandzadeh's fine for one of his many touchdown celebrations.


The Putt

The Salute

Say what you will about Chad Ochocinco. The man has entertained us on and off the field since 2001 with some of the best Hot Dog moments.

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