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Site News: 24-Hour New Registration Wait

This is just for new users that's sign up for a new account in the past few days. Most of the spam that's generated on the site, come from accounts that sign up, spam the site and move on. And since our job kind of sucks having to go through the site and try to remove spam as soon as possible, we've implemented a 24-hour provisional period. This forces new users to sit idle for 24 hours before accounts are activated to allow them/you to comment.

Once the 24 hour period passes, new users are able to comment on posts, create FanPosts and FanShots. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience on this. If you are a new user with the intention of commenting on the site, you can email me or one of the moderators to expedite the process. We'll try to accommodate you as soon as we're able.

And if you're a new user intending to spread spam, then let me speak for everyone and say: We hate you with with every fiber in our bodys and whatever it is that you're selling, we will spread the word ourselves that you're classless monkeys. Then we'll track you down through your IP, send it to the High Lord of the Sith so he can strike you down. All hail, Lord Sidious. All hail, Lord Vader.