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Post-Game Open Thread: Two Carson Palmer Pick-Sixs Leads To Bengals 10th Straight Loss

Another Sunday. Another Bengals loss. A common enough theme to make sure that no curveballs are thrown our way. We like routine in Cincinnati.

It's getting harder and harder to root for this team. It's almost laughable, with every little mistake so magnified that it has lasting impressions throughout the game. Palmer throws two pick-sixs in a game that the Bengals defense largely kept the Steelers offense contained to only nine points. Credit has to be given to the Bengals defense who didn't allow a single touchdown to the Steelers offense, forcing Pittsburgh to go: punt, punt, punt, field goal, field goal, punt, field goal and punt.

The storyline however is even though the Bengals defense didn't allow a single touchdown, they still lost by 16 points to the Steelers, 23-7.

Questions are endless, with needs across the board. Quarterback. Running back. Offensive line. Wide receivers. Defensive line. More production from linebackers. Safety. Name it, we need it.

Here are some initial impressions.

  • Tenth straight loss ties a franchise record (1993) for the longest losing streak in a single season.
  • Carlos Dunlap keeps looking good, recording a half-sack (unofficial) and two passes knocked down at the line of scrimmage -- one of which was nearly an interception.
  • Michael Johnson recorded his first solo sack this season, doubling his season-long output of 0.5 sacks.
  • Dhani Jones recorded eight tackles, several around the line of scrimmage including a fourth quarter sack that forced a punt.
  • Roy Williams recorded a team high 11 tackles.
  • Kevin Huber boomed a 67-yard punt, but only averaged 39 yards throughout the day.
  • After the Bengals offense went eight plays for 69 yards and a game opening touchdown, they went: punt, punt, pick-six, punt, punt, pick-six, punt and interception.