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NFL Poll: Prilosec Victory Of The Week

Was New England's 36-7 win over the Chicago Bears impressive, or did it just go to show that the Bears are benefiting in the NFC North because of the Vikings and Packers' struggles?

The Dolphins shutting down the Jets doesn't seem particularly impressive, considering that the Jets have only beaten two teams this year with a winning record. And both teams, the Dolphins and Patriots, mounted measured responses in the past two weeks in the form of a 42-point defeat and a Dolphins game largely remembered for the strength and conditioning coach doing the whole hands in pocket, innocently whistling trick, knocking over a Dolphins gunner on punt return.

The Lions beat the Packers, who lost Aaron Rodgers to a concussion. The 49ers beat the Seahawks by 19 points in a division in which no team has a winning record.

And that leaves the Chargers 31-0 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, who recorded 67 yards of total offense and the Jaguars late game heroics to beat the Oakland Raiders Sunday afternoon.

So who is your Prilosec Victory of the Week?