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Jordan Shipley On T.J. Ward Hit: Those Kind Of Things Happen

On Wednesday Jason wrote that T.J. Ward, Cleveland Browns' rookie safety, will try to reach out to Jordan Shipley during Sunday's pregame to reiterate that he had no intention to hurt him on this vicious hit.

"We've still got to be focused and ready warming up, but if I get the opportunity, I might shout at him for a little bit,'' said Ward. "I might just tell him it wasn't my intent to hurt him or do anything like that, I was just playing the game. I hope he understands that. If not, I don't know, I tried.''

Along with Jordan Shipley suffering a concussion that forced him to miss the following week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Ward was fined $15,000 on a hit that's often being cited as an example of what the league wants to prevent.

Shipley, according to Geoff Hobson, believes that it's just part of the game and has "shrugged ever since it happened".

"I understand it's a tough thing for a defensive player," Shipley said. "Our guys see their point of view, too. They feel like sometimes they have to be so careful and it's a very short window of time before they decide what they have to do. Those kind of things happen. All you can do is learn from it and move on."

So for those of you hoping that Shipley ziplines from the scoreboard in a ninja outfit to duel Ward like the ending of an epic Kung Fu movie, you, like me, will be totally disappointed.