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PFT: Bengals Considered Deactivating Terrell Owens In Final Three Games Of The Season

Even though he left the game early in the first quarter with a torn meniscus in his left knee that will keep him out for the rest of the year, the Cincinnati Bengals had considered deactivating Terrell Owens for the final three games of the season, according to Pro Football Talk.

The move would not have been based on Owens’ controversial comments from the latest edition of The T.Ocho Show, but based on his attitude and performance in practice and games.

While things like this are hard to see and understand as fans watching on television with no access to practices, one doesn't have to look beyond Owens' history (see 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys specifically) to believe that this could be the case. Then again, some could simply make the connection that Owens' comments on the T.Ocho Show is the reason for his deactivation, and using his (lack of) "attitude" as the reasoning for deactivating him for the remaining three games.

Either way, Owens will not be with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2011.

Owens had a good year with the Bengals and at times throughout the season seemed like the only player stepping up for the offense. Yet, the cold hard fact is that Owens was one of 53 players that went 3-11 through 14 games this season.