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The Rodney Dangerfield Defense: Marvin Lewis Calls Chad "Mopey"

Chad Ochocinco is one of two players missing practice on Wednesday with a foot injury that limited his work last week. X-Rays revealed last Thursday that Chad had bone spurs in his left foot. Chad missed the start against the Cleveland Browns, though he did play sparingly. Both of Ochocinco's receptions came in the second quarter on the Bengals first field goal drive. His first reception, a 16-yard catch, reduced a second-and-20 situation into a more manageable third-and-four in which the Bengals were able to convert. Chad's second reception, a twenty-yard pick-up, pushed the Bengals into the redzone to the Browns 12-yard line.

Chad has always been outspoken, somewhat extravagant. But Chad has always been tough and played through pain. However, the injured foot is still causing enough of a problem for him to rest on Wednesday. When asked about how he was feeling by a San Diego reporter, Marvin Lewis said:

"Well, he's being his mopey self. Hopefully, he can pull himself out of it and move forward ... When things don't go Chad's way, that's kinda how it happens."

How does Lewis deal with that?

"I don't deal with it," he said. "We just move on. We'll put a new guy in there. If he's not ready to go Sunday, we'll have somebody in there ready to go and go from there."

Chad tweets.

This is how they treat you when you hurt, the things you don't get to see as fans---> #sdutless than a minute ago via Rock Software

Since when the fuck am I ever mopey? I'm injured for the 1st time in 9 years and it's called being mopey, unless I'm dead then I get respectless than a minute ago via Rock Software

We believe Lewis is joking to get Chad riled up to get back on the field. Then again, why would Lewis say that unless he believes Chad's foot injury is nothing more than an excuse to get out of practices. And who hasn't done the whole "have bone spurs in foot to get out of practice" routine before?

That being said, some of you have to admit you're going to miss the interaction and exchange with Chad Ochocinco and Marvin Lewis if both leave as we head for monotone quarterback that takes the blame from bad passes, miscommunication, global freaking warming and childhood obesity.