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Rey Issues Twitter Apology


Needless to say, drunk driving incidents involving underage ladies aren't the most "pillar of the community" actions, and if you are a professional athlete, they can be downright embarrassing.  So what is one to do if one commits this kind of a social sin in order to show remorse?  Turn to Twitter, of course.

Just ask Rey Maualuga, who took a page from the Chad Ochocinco playbook.and issued an apology on his Twitter account.  Granted, it was under the 140-character limit -- short, but sweet -- but I do get a feeling of sincerity from Rey, if only for being ashamed of getting caught.

Whatever the case, Rey's sorry and he wants to earn the respect he apparently lost back. 

Of course, if he starts the 2010-11 season with a three-sack, ten-tackle performance, most Bengals fans will have a "Oh, I forgot" reaction to Rey's drinking and driving misadventures.