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Question of the Day: How is the Bengals depth after the starters?

Using a time tested formula of a strong defense, complimented with a power rushing offense, the Bengals were close. At one point, Cincinnati was 7-2, had unexpectedly swept both teams that played in the 2009 AFC Championship game and battled for the second seed heading into playoffs. They were close. Tragedy eventually sapped this team, as did injuries to guys like Cedric Benson, Domata Peko, Rey Maualuga and Chris Crocker. After going 7-2, the Bengals stumbled into the playoffs finishing the regular season at 3-4 with back-to-back losses to the New York Jets.

But with each offseason, every NFL team has the change to install pieces towards a championship run, provided you know what to address and you're not acquiring pieces just for the sake of acquisition. Granted, it's nice to sign effective starters through the draft and free agency. However, a more challenging feat is acquiring talent to improve the depths of each position. You wonder, which position on this team is stacked with talent. Take away the starters and what do you have? Is it impressive? Is it stocked? Or are we too fragile of a team because injury sets this team back more than other teams? Isn't that the definition of a winning caliber team; someone that can overcome injuries?

The question of the day is this. Take away the starters. What position(s) on this team is the weakest and what position(s) on this team is the strongest?