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Will fans turn to the UFL if the NFL encounters a work stoppage?

Cincy Jungle's own Mojokong wrote a great piece for SB Nation on how fans could tune into the UFL if there's a work stoppage in the NFL.

While the negotiations between the NFL and its players over a new collective bargaining agreement continue to stall and worry its fans, the United Football League (UFL) is quietly building momentum and could stand to gain a swell of attention should the NFL owners lockout their players in 2011.

The general attitude toward the NFL's future beyond next season is as bleak as the Mayan calendar.  The owners claim the players haven't made a serious counter-proposal to their original offer.  The players say ownership isn't listening to their demands.  They have met 11 times with little progress of any kind and the possibility of a work-stoppage grows.

Give it a read.