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Is Oklahoma Tight End Jermaine Gresham the favorite to be selected in the first round by Cincinnati?

Who will the Bengals select in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft? That's a question we've mused since the season ended. Would they go with a wide receiver? Sure, they could. The mainstream question is will Mardy Gilyard be around. What about another offensive lineman? We have several young offensive tackles and it's rare when guards or centers are selected in the first round. Quarterback? No. Running back? Not likely. What about defense? Could the Bengals go after a playmaker at safety? Possible. Who's out there? What about another linebacker or defensive tackle?

One position the Bengals could go after is a position that's really in need. Tight End. Reggie Kelly will be a 33-year old unrestricted free agent by March. Daniel Coats is Freddy Krueger's nightmare and J.P. Foschi is, at best, a backup tight end that could contribute in double tight end formations. Chase Coffman? We really don't know what to expect from Coffman. After being embarrassed during Hard Knocks and failing to break into the active Sunday lineup, Coffman's season ended after he was placed on Injured Reserve with bone spurs in his left ankle. We could say that he'll contribute his sophomore season, but that's speculation based on a stellar college career where he acted more like a wide receiver than a tight end.

As it stands, the Bengals don't have a starting tight end on their roster.

ESPN's Todd McShay believes that the Bengals will draft Oklahoma tight end Jermaine Gresham.

There is an early consensus the Bengals will select a tight end in the first round. The primary reason is the team needs a lot of help for quarterback Carson Palmer, but this is not a top-heavy draft for wide receivers. So filling the spot at tight end is the next best option. Gresham has a lot of physical tools that could instantly help Cincinnati's offense. But teams will be thoroughly checking into Gresham's injury history during the combine.

Several of the Mock Drafts that Jay McDonnell looked through have the Bengals selecting Gresham. And based on what the Bengals have signed right now on their roster, I could see Gresham being the team's first pick during the 2010 NFL Draft.