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Bengals Banter: Andre Smith has surgery on foot

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Smith has procedure done. It was reported over the weekend that Andre Smith had surgery on his left foot; a recovery time that could take up to ten weeks. The procedure was done as "more of a clean-up procedure to prevent a future break" than it was to repair anything. Joe Reedy writes that the offensive tackle "should be ready though when OTAs begin in May." Smith will be competing with guys like Anthony Collins and Dennis Roland to win the team's starting right tackle spot.

Matt Jones in the Wildcat? James Walker wonders if the Bengals will use Matt Jones in some form of a Wildcat offense. While the theory is sound -- Jones is a former quarterback -- I don't have confidence that this team could implement something like that. Furthermore, against defenses like the Steelers and Ravens, I don't see the Wildcat making any type of impact.

Mike Zimmer's task. With games against the Patriots, Saints, Colts and Chargers, Mike Zimmer notes that the Bengals defense has to be better in 2010.

"There are 25 other defenses in the league that would love to be looking at our film," Zimmer said. "But at the same time, how do we go to the next level without screwing up the foundation. ... (In 2010) we'll be playing much better offensive teams. We can't stay the same, and be 10-6 with the ability of the offenses we play."

Who Dey Fans is enthusiastic that the Bengals are reportedly not bringing Shayne Graham back.