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Report: Bengals are going to talk to Shayne Graham?

After conventional wisdom and WKRC reported that the Bengals will let Shayne Graham walk, reports that the Bengals are going to talk to Shayne Graham.

The Bengals have worked out six kickers this offseason and signed one of them, but indications are they are still going to talk with Shayne Graham’s new agent, possibly as soon as next week’s scouting combine in Indianapolis, two weeks before the start of free agency.

Graham is now repped by David Dunn, the man that represents Carson Palmer and the man that got long-term deals with the Bengals for Corey Dillon and T.J. Houshmandzadeh when it looked liked they were out the door to free agency. Still, special teams coach Darrin Simmons isn’t sure how it will go, but he says if Graham leaves they’ll sign another kicker or draft one to join Dave Rayner.

“We have to talk to Shayne and see where he’s at,” Simmons said. “It has to be a deal that’s good for both sides. I’ve talked to him once to let him know we were signing Rayner. I didn’t want him to read about it on the Internet. We didn’t talk much about his mindset, but I know he feels badly. A lot of people do.”

This might not mean much. Perhaps they'll talk about global warming, as evident of what's in my driveway. Or perhaps they'll talk about their favorite Pyramid players or which team will clinch the Quidditch World Cup. Either way, talking is talking. Talking about a contract... Oh boy. The riots. Let's not start the riots. Not again.