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Chad Ochocinco will take a pay cut to sign Terrell Owens

In an article that TMZ probably misunderstood Chad Ochocinco after the wide receiver said that he and Carson Palmer "don't get along during the off-season", Chad did point that he'd gladly take a pay cut if that means getting Terrell Owens to sign in Cincinnati.

...he looked pretty damn serious when he told us how badly he wants fellow NFL receiver Terrell Owens to join his squad ... even insisting he'd take a pay cut to get T.O. in stripes.

Chad has been selling Terrell Owens to the Bengals all month. We pointed out about two weeks ago that the Bengals would have to give something up to get Owens. I'm not speaking technically of course. They could sign every 30-plus year old wide receiver in the game. It's not likely though. The variable. Snow. The constant. Mike Brown.

Still, we have to give Chad credit. He's pushing the issue for two reasons -- a friend on the team and a player that could help the offense; neither of which are bad things.