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Question of the Day: Bring Tank Johnson back?

I remember watching Hard Knocks last summer when Tank Johnson asked, during a player security meeting, if it was possible to change Google results to, you know, easily forget that anything actually happened in Chicago. Like you, I thought to myself, oh man, everyone is going to have a field day with this.

At the time, Johnson hadn't proven much to Bengals fans and most had the whole "character issue" ahead of the thinking benefit he could bring to the field. In 14 games played (13 starts), Johnson recorded 39 tackles and two quarterback sacks. Furthermore, as the season closed and as Tank was getting healthier, he proved to be a solid defensive tackle again recording five tackles against the Vikings -- including a quarterback sack -- and seven tackles against the Kansas City Chiefs -- including two for loss. For a defensive tackle that signed for $620,000, that's not bad. Consider if he signed something similar, maybe incentive based, for a full season with a healthy Tank would only help the Bengals improve their fourth ranked defense.

When asked if the head coach would like Tank Johnson (and Roy Williams) back, Marvin Lewis said, "Oh yeah, they came in and did a great job and provided what we were looking for."

Here's the question of the day. Would you support bringing Tank Johnson back?