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Report: Bengals unlikely keeping Matt Sherry around

Bengals tight end Matt Sherry was drafted by the Bengals in the sixth round of the 2008 NFL draft. After playing in the 2008 preseason opener, Sherry hurt his shoulder and was later placed in Injured Reserve. Sherry was released by the Bengals in June of 2009 and returned in August after Ben Utecht had, what could be, a career-ending concussion. Unfortunately, Sherry hurt his shoulder during Training Camp and went back on Injured Reserve.

Now it appears that the Bengals won't be retaining Matt Sherry.

Writes appears he is out of the mix again in Cincinnati. He's moved out of his furnished apartment and says he'll try and hook on with another team.

The issue of Tight Ends is influx right now. With Reggie Kelly becoming an unrestricted free agent and Utecht already released through an injury settlement, the Bengals are paper thin. J.P. Foschi is likely to return and Chase Coffman will hopefully make the field after a season in which he learned on the sidelines before being lost for the year due to injury.

This, of course, doesn't mean that Sherry won't return. He could be the team's backup of backup of backup options. When they need a tight end that'll spend the season on IR, Sherry will be our man. And yes, we did a full post about Matt Sherry. We so rule!