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Bengals Banter: Lewis hopes that Jerome Simpson will "get it" his third season

Off the record reacts the same as we do after Marvin Lewis told Geoff Hobson about Jerome Simpson:

GH: Outsiders think you need to add at least one more veteran receiver.
We may do some things. We need to have a great offseason in the development of Jerome. We have to get Jerome Simpson ready. We have to do a great job of using his skill and athleticism that can help us consistently.

GH: But he hasn’t shown you enough to get on the field in two years.
The third year is the charm for some guys. For some guys it takes a lot longer to figure it out once that ball is snapped. Jerome has made great progress, let’s hope the light comes on and all systems are go.

In Mocking the Draft's latest, they have the Bengals selecting TE Jermaine Gresham and WR Jordan Shipley in the first two rounds.

Field Gulls ranks the Bengals as the 28th best team of the 00's. has a video about Paul Brown and Bill Walsh.

A Chris Perry sighting. The former running back is in court after he and his mother allege a mortgage lender hired a real estate manager to change the locks and empty the house before Perry's mother could remove her items.