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Question of the Day: What position should the Bengals draft?

One of our projects recently was to react to Mocking the Draft's first round selection for our respective teams. MtD picked tight end Jermaine Gresham. Our task was to write up why this is a good selection for the Bengals, how he fits with the team and alternative players or positions. This, of course, got me thinking. If the Bengals elect to look over tight ends in the first round, which I believe is far more likely than not, what position would the Bengals address?

Would they simply just draft the best player available, regardless of position? Or would they draft someone in a position that's in dire need for an injection of talent?

While answering all of the questions, I wanted to present to you the question of the day. This isn't about what you think the Bengals will do, rather what position do you think the Bengals should draft this year?