No TO, Regretting Coles--Who's it gonna be?

According to this little tidbit the Bengals are unlikely to sign TO, and Bob Glauber from Newsday says the Bengals are regretting signing Coles and don't want to make the same mistake twice--signing an aging receiver to a contract bigger than he's worth.

If such talk is true, it suggests that the Bengals are in the market for a free agent WR, but a younger one. Personally, I think the Bengals need to fortify the receiver corps. A draft pick makes sense, we'll see where Simpson is at, and Matt Jones is a crapshoot.

I think Marshall is unlikely, Breaston and Floyd are more likely and I think would work well, but both are restricted, which means they could be tough to get. Dominik Hixon has alot of potential, and how about Kevin Walter--back in stripes?

Or do we just let the draft solve our problems?

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