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Suggestion on FanPosts: Recommend on the posts that you like

Back in March 2006, Cincy Jungle went live. In those four years, we've picked up nearly 2,500 members and have achieved traffic goals (our most recent being that we're over two million visits). Many of you have become apart of this community, a family of Bengals fans if you will. And many more of you have just found us, learning the ropes, discovering the awesome tools we have to offer fans who want to present a voice -- either dissenting on things we say or something original.

For the newbies (and a reminder to veterans), let's quickly go through one of the awesome things that Cincy Jungle has to offer its readers. The FanPosts. Much like a discussion forum, the FanPosts are there for you to express yourself on anything, ranging from recent Bengals news (though we'd like you to keep that in the discussions of the primary posts on the front page), to news about other sports, other teams, television programs or every day life. Who wouldn't love a "24" FanPost to talk about the indestructible Jack Bauer? They are there for you.

And when you find something you really like -- this is important -- click on the "Rec" link at the end of the post. Rec stands for recommended and the more people recommend a post, the more it will hover at the top of the FanPosts navigation. This allows you easy access to the most discussed FanPost and gives the original poster a little pride to offer up something that brings in so much discussion. If enough recommendations are made for a FanPost, then that FanPost will generate a whole new section called "Recommended FanPosts".

So if you have a FanPost you like, make sure you recommend it. It's easy and it offers up a way for you to be heard without necessarily saying anything.