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Filed under: podcast to launch this Saturday!

Well folks, the time is finally drawing near. Today we find ourselves a scant two days away from the launch of the podcast!

I am very excited to be in the latter stages of the launch and am really looking forward to getting this off the ground this weekend. I'll be filling you in on the final details over the course of the next two days, so be sure to keep your eyes glued here to the site for more info. The program will be hosted on, which allows for a tremendous show quality with a ton of great features available. You'll even have the chance to call in to the program and speak with me live during the show! We may even throw a prize at a randomly chosen caller if some of you choose to call in. You see, we're awesome like that.

This brings me to an exciting point. The reason I chose this weekend to launch the podcast is because our very own Mojokong will join me live from the Scouting Combine in Indy on the show. He'll fill you in, right there live from the event, on what he has seen and heard. It's a very exciting opportunity for Mojo to be there and for us to have him there representing CincyJungle, so correlating the launch of the podcast with his presence at the Combine seemed like a natural pairing.

Please vote on the poll and share with me in the comments thread anything you'd like to hear covered on the show and I'll use your feedback to help build my program.

I am so excited to be creating, launching and hosting this podcast as Cincy Jungle branches out to new areas of media, I hope you'll all join me as we get this puppy off the ground.

Excitedly as if you couldn't tell,

A Pragmatic Bengals Fan (Craig)