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Bengals Banter: Team expecting to offer between $10-11 million on restricted free agents

More on Tenders. It was reported that the Bengals are not going to tender a contract for J.P. Foschi. writer Geoff Hobson updates the Restricted Free Agent file, which includes mutual interest on signing Foschi once he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Other notes from Hobson's piece includes:

  • Bengals are expected to offer between "$10-11 million in one-year offers" for restricted free agents, which includes players like Brandon Johnson and Evan Mathis.
  • Bengals have had talks with Rashad Jeanty but it's unknown if they'll sign Jeanty to a long-term deal, which is believed that they want. On the other hand, if no deal is reached, I'd expected that the Bengals offer Jeanty a one-year tender.
  • Hobson also notes that the Bengals don't "appear to be looking to get anything done with their unrestricted free agents before the market opens a week from Friday on March 5."

Thirteen of Cincinnati's 21 free agents are either restricted or exclusive-rights free agents. Here are the adjusted tenders for players based on their experience.

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